The One Fullsuit 5/3mm Zipfree

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Aren’t we all looking for ‘The One’? We’ve found her! Totally zipfree and fully black or dark grey. Besides the stylish design you’ll get our flexible M-Flex 2.0 neoprene, super warm Polar inner lining and all seams are GBS and covered with Waterproof stretch taping on the inside. It also comes with our new and improved Mesh neoprene back panel to reduce wind chill, 4-Way stretch kneepads and a Glideskin neck construction for extra comfort.


  • Waterproof stretch taping (100%): all seams
  • GBS (Blued Blind Stitch)
  • Glideskin neck construction
  • Hex-tech kneepads
  • Velcro ankle closure straps (included)
  • Non slip cuffs
  • Hidden key pocket in chest panel
  • Aquaflush


  • M-Flex 2.0 (100%)
  • Polar lining in chest and back
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Size Guide

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Key features


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Our Zipfree wetsuits offer maximum stretch, warmth and comfort without restrictions from the zipper. The paneling is designed in a way to avoid water entry and to give you the ultimate freedom of movement.

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Key pocket chest

An external neoprene key pocket conveniently positioned on the chest of the suit making sure your key is safe inside.



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Wipe out or simply needed to take a leak? The perforated neoprene patches on the lower leg, that we like to call Aquaflush, will ensure that all liquids exit the suit easily.

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Waterproof stretch taping 100%

A high durable taping used inside the suit to avoid leaking and keep it flexible and warm.





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