NORTH FIX Boots 2024

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Bone out that grab. Relax your stance. The Fix boots have bigger pop, powered unhooked tricks and harder landings covered. Flexible and Featherlite, the unrestrictive lower-cut design allows you to lean back and drive comfortably upwind. We’ve also extended the neoprene flex zone in the mid boot for greater range of movement, while providing stability and support for your ankles and knees. The Fix boots feature a strong, hollow baseplate engineered for a direct feel and massive shock absorption, and a soft, smooth KnitFlex lining. For 2022, we’ve modified the panel layout for enhanced durability and added new streamlined dual-sided eyelets on all straps for faster, easier one-handed adjustment.


Boots, 4x M6x16mm screws, 2x Spare Blue Top Straps, 2x Boot Inserts


  • NEW dual-eyelets on all straps for fast velcro entry/exit
  • Extended neoprene flex zone
  • NEW modified FeatherLite construction
  • KnitFlex bonded neoprene and foam inner
  • Unrestrictive low-cut design
  • Hollow base plate
  • Replaceable top straps
  • Durable and kite-specific

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