C.O.S 47-55

7 699 kr

Ta kontroll med Cabrinha sin siste innovasjon. Et ekstrremt detaljnivå og gjennomtenkte løsninger i velkjent Cabrinha kvalitet gjør dette til den beste baren på markedet. Finnes i 42-50 og 47-55cm størrelse.


The most critical piece of equipment in kiteboarding is the Control System.     A system that you not only you rely on for your safety and well being, it’s also the direct link between you and the elements.
A lot of work goes into Kite Design.   The Cab Design Works Team works countless hours tuning and modifying the way a kite feels  in order to make it the highest performing product on the market.   In order to get the most out of all the work, you need a control system that gives you a direct connection to the kite.   This connection needs to be intuitive and seamless in use, allowing you to focus on having the most fun in the elements.
Introducing the COS.
The goal in the development of the COS was to make its use so easy, that the rider can concentrate on their next jump, or wave.
This is the most feature rich control system to date, but the package is so simple and intuitive to use that anyone can feel the full benefits.



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