2023 XCALIBER CARBON 141cm (tilgjengelig fra bruktmarkedet)

7 934 kr

Tiljengelig fra bruktmarkedet.

XCALIBER fortsetter å pushe grenser som et grensesprengende freestyle brett som passer perfekt for nordiske forhold.

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SIZES: 135 X 41 / 138 X 42 / 141 X 43

The Xcal Carbon is the most responsively tuned board in the Cabrinha range leading to exceptional freestyle performance.  The most important stage of any trick is the take off and it’s here where the specific use of Japanese Toray carbon construction and the aggressive quad tip channels produce explosive & predictable pop.

High speed landings are absorbed with ease through the centre double concave shape.  When sheer performance is all that matters the Xcal carbon is your go to stealthy performer.



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