Sonar Mav2 Series fra NORTH

Wing. Kite. Boat. Wake. Surf. No bad days.

North Sonar Mav2

Has North devised the perfect foil? Chasing that elusive “desert-island” design, without compromising performance, North has just announced eight new sizes in its new Mid Aspect v2 Front Wing Series.

Mav2 1200
North Sonar Mav2850

“The Sonar MAv2 is our most versatile and comprehensive Front Wing Series yet,” says Brand Director Mike Raper. “We wanted to make the foiling journey easier for all riders, starting with the larger sizes for learning, then maintaining that familiar feel and ease of use as you step down in size and step up in speed”.
Every wing in the Series has a very wide speed range, is fast-turning, features ventilation-free tip-breaching, and works across multiple disciplines. From novice to pro, in all conditions, with the Sonar MAv2 Series there are no bad days.

North has engineered the larger MA2400-1500v2 to get you up on foil faster and shorten your learning curve. As you progress into the smaller MA1200-700v2, you’ll discover true versatility – just one wing will see you through a wide speed range and across multiple disciplines.

Learn to foil

2400 / 2100 / 1850 / 1500

Ideal for progression, you’ll find the larger sizes (2400-1500) provide a stable set-up for learning to wing foil or tow foil behind a boat. At a very low board speed, these wings easily generate a great amount of lift without the need to pump. They are super stable, so you can focus more on the wing in your hands.

  • Profile Section: prioritises pitch stability, early takeoffs and low stall speed.
  • Outline: More sweep in the trailing edge than the smaller size helps to make these

    big wings more manoeuvrable and easier to turn.

  • Front View: More anhedral in the front view provides directional stability.
Mav2 1200
North Sonar Mav2850

Multi-discipline advanced riding

1200 / 1050 / 850 / 700

The smaller sizes (1200-700) are North’s most versatile front wings, ideal for freeride wingfoiling at speed, freestyle or in the surf, and perfect for kite foiling or wake foiling in the 700, 850 and 1050 sizes (1200 for the bigger riders). All the MAv2 foils have an extremely wide speed range and early lift. The smaller wings have even lower drag, are more agile and have a higher top-end speed, making them more efficient overall.

Highly agile, so you can really crank turns, the smaller MAv2 wings also retain a comfortable locked-in feel for upwind/powered riding.

    • Profile Section: Focused more on low drag when up on the foil, ventilation resistance, and reasonable takeoff and stall speeds.

    • Outline: Features minimal sweep through mid-span, with some sweep in the tip providing a good balance of efficiency and maneuverability.

    • Front View: Flat middle-section with anhedral further out the span and flattened wing tips provides a combination of predictable turning characteristics and improved ventilation resistance.

Setup & New Construction

The 700 to 2100v2 are available in the high strength yet lightweight Sonar Prepreg Carbon construction.

2400 is available in the durable and more affordable Sonar Prime Prepreg E-glass construction.

To complete your setup, pair the MAv2 Series with either the Sonar Foil Edition or Carbon Foil Edition (72 or 85cm Mast, 700 Fuselage and 270 Stab). For top performance, North recommends selecting any of the Freeride Stabilizer Series ending in a “zero” – the S320, S270 and S210, or you can pair the smallest MAv2 wings (700-1050) with the High-Speed S208/S178 Stabs for a looser feel.

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